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5 top tips to get the most from technical supports calls

Given the advanced technology and sophisticated electronics in modern gas condensing boilers it’s not surprising that even the most experienced Gas Safe engineer needs to seek expert advice from time to time. Whether you are a trade professional or an end-user, Eric Brawley, Technical Coordinator at Vokèra by Riello, offers a few tips on getting […]

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How has the boiler industry changed in the last 10 years?

Neil Mattock, Marketing Director at Vokèra looks at the last ten years of the boiler industry. It is ten years since the Building Regulations were updated and it has truly been a decade of change. In April 2005, legislation was introduced to make it compulsory, saving special exemptions, to install a condensing boiler if a […]

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Winter brings rewards for installers

Neil Mattock, Marketing Director at Vokèra, looks at how rewards and incentive schemes can help installers in the busy winter months.  The summer seems like a distant memory, the nights are drawing in and we are all thinking about when we should turn on the heating. If reports of the effects of El Nino (a […]

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What are the benefits of installing a boiler with a wide modulation ratio?

Neil Mattock, Marketing Director at Vokèra looks at the benefits of a good modulation ratio: Winter is on its way, Halloween is just around the corner and before we know Christmas will be here. At this time of year, homeowners naturally start to think about turning their heating on and are looking to installers to […]

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Why are apps are so important for installers?

Neil Mattock, Marketing Director at Vokèra, looks at the importance of apps for installers. In days gone by, installers relied on company brochures, word of mouth and magazine reader cards to gather information on heating products. Now, there is a whole range of ways information can be acquired including via the internet, and with the […]

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