WAter boosting

Boosting mains water – what are the legalities?

Poor water pressure and flow affects many households up and down the country – 40% to be exact. And this problem isn’t just an issue for homeowners – it can be a sticking point for installers too. Gareth Richards, Technical Director at Salamander Pumps explains what plumbers need to know before boosting water in mains-fed […]

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How to install HomeBoost in mains-fed properties

Despite 40% of households reporting issues with poor water pressure on a daily basis, there could actually be a very easy solution for installers to help solve pressure problems for their customers. One of those solutions is Salamander Pumps’ HomeBoost – an intelligent inline pump that can boost a home’s water flow rate to up […]

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Salamander Pumps launches new mainsbooster range

Salamander Pumps has announced the launch of a new mains booster range, aimed at creating a simple solution to boosting mains water pressure and flow – an often complex problem for both homeowners and installers.  Recent research showed that 48% of consumers don’t know that their water pressure problems can easily be rectified with the […]

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