water efficiency

18 tips installers can give their customers to make their homes more water efficient

Ideal Standard and Waterwise have compiled some top tips for installers to help their customers to save water easily. While many are common sense, on average more than 50% of us don’t take these basic steps to reduce how much water we use and save money. We can all help reduce waste by making small […]

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APHC emphasises importance of saving water all year round

Following the heatwave conditions experienced across parts of the UK this week, the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors (APHC) is emphasising the importance of saving water all year round and the vital role quality plumbing and heating installers play in providing members of the public with water efficiency advice. Yesterday saw temperatures soar to […]

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Sales of water-saving bathroom products have risen by 25%

A 2016 report by MTW Research indicates that sales of water-saving bathroom products have risen by 25%, boosted by housebuilding, domestic refurbishment and a continued emphasis by manufacturers on water efficiency. Based on data from 130 manufacturers and retailers, MTW found that water saving products account for around 30% of the UK bathroom market in […]

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How to improve water efficiency

For a four-person household, average water usage is 165 litres per person per day, according the Consumer Council for Water. Given that most people drink only around two litres, Steve Tuckwell analyses how much of the remaining 163 litres could be saved. Climate change is predicted to bring extremes in rainfall patterns, resulting in extended dry […]

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