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How to solve water pressure issues with Stuart Turner’s Mainsboost

Many homeowners are frustrated by low water pressure and flow rates. Stuart Turner Mainsboost products are designed to solve issues relating to low incoming mains pressure and flow.  Here we discuss some of the key considerations when selecting a product from the range.  Many homeowners are unaware that many home improvements, such as changing to […]

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How to specify the right accumulator tank

Accumulator tanks can offer a great solution to low water pressure in a home, however, with so many different tanks available, specifying the right one for the job can seem like a complicated process. In fact, Salamander Pumps’ latest AccuBoost range has nine different products, including five different sizes and both pumped and unpumped options. […]

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Stuart Turner supplies Mainsboost system to luxury home on Norfolk coast

For many homes in the UK, particularly those in rural and semi-rural areas, one of the key issues day to day is the mains water pressure available to the property. Getting the water company to increase the pressure is virtually impossible, so to achieve higher pressure mains water and a better flow of water in […]

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Introducing the Wave digital shower range from Bristan

Brilliantly engineered to give the perfect showering experience every time, the Bristan Wave digital shower range is available from July in merchants nationwide. The UK tap and shower brand’s latest innovation offers a precise and controllable digital shower with memory settings and functionality, enabling users to set various options such as flow rate, temperature and […]

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The importance of water pressure for today’s high-spec wetrooms

Daniel Freeman – Head of the Domestic Plumbing Division at Dutypoint Systems – discusses the importance of water pressure in today’s high-spec wetrooms and the solution that can help installers ensure the end result meets the customer’s expectation. With the economic recovery tentatively underway, more and more consumers are looking at improving their homes. Research by […]

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