Legionella after lockdown: discuss the risks with Fernox

Head of Chemistry at Fernox, Richard Crisp, explains more about the risk of microbiological contamination in unused premises during lockdown, and crucially, how you can prevent it through effective water treatment. Watch on demand: Why you need to know about Legionella As a result of the current lockdown restrictions many premises are closed, which means […]

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Why water-saving should be a year-round focus

Stuart Gizzi, Director of Inta, looks at why water-saving should be a year-round focus, not just during heatwaves: The UK has been in the grip of a heatwave for the past few weeks, with the prolonged dry spell creating increasing difficulties across the country. A hosepipe ban has already been introduced (and lifted) in Northern […]

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Soldering on

The use of lead-based solders is illegal in domestic situations where water is required to be wholesome. Steve Tuckwell explores the recommended alternative approaches for installers. As most professional plumbing installers will know, the Water Fittings Regulations and the Scottish Water Byelaws 2004 ban the use of lead-based solders in domestic premises where the water […]

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Changing habits

Water usage is on the rise in the UK, and it’s putting a strain on our supplies. Tim Pollard talks about ways to improve efficiency and ensure we have enough to meet the demand. We certainly do like our water. As well as enjoying a nice cool glass of it, we also use it for […]

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Fluid changes

The five categories of risk for fluids are based on how safe the water is to drink and how dangerous to health the water would be if it were drunk. Kim Morris looks at the five different categories used to define the risk. The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 sets out the installation requirements […]

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