3,000 people in Cambodia get access to clean water thanks to Xylem’s Waterdrop programme

Xylem recently took 14 customers and employees from the U.K., Germany and France to Cambodia on the inaugural volunteer trip of its Waterdrop initiative – a first-of-its-kind loyalty programme that enables consulting engineers to bring safe, clean water to communities in need by learning about, selecting or specifying Xylem products and services. For every drop, […]

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First three Xylem Waterdrop winners from the UK announced

Xylem has selected the first three winners for the inaugural Waterdrop programme volunteer trip. The three winners from the UK will head to Southeast Asia this autumn with other trip winners to build water towers for communities in need. The first-of-its-kind loyalty programme launched earlier this year in the UK, Germany and France. Further winners […]

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