Wavin launches Wavin AS+ the new generation of low noise pipe systems

Wavin has launched the Wavin AS+ solution to provide advanced noise reduction in soil and waste systems. Noisy pipes present a challenge in multi-storey buildings all over the world. Whether hospitals, hotels, residential developments or offices, pipe noise can be far costlier to fix post-build than if addressed during planning. Building on the successful 30-year […]

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Big Interview: Hep2O’s Pride of Plumbing campaign

Even though the end of lockdown is so close you can almost taste it, that doesn’t mean we can just forget the last twelve months and the incredible work that plumbers have been getting up to. From helping those who are most vulnerable to truly becoming key workers, they deserve to be celebrated! One company […]

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Wavin Hep2O is on the hunt for the industry’s most inspirational stories

It’s been a challenging past twelve months for everyone, plumbers included. That’s why Wavin Hep2O is launching Pride of Plumbing, a campaign which aims to give some of the heroes of the industry the recognition they deserve. Karen Stables, Marketing Manager for Wavin Hep2O shares some more details about the exciting plans. Everyone’s had to […]

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Wavin Hep2O launches search for industry’s most amazing stories

Wavin Hep2O wants to celebrate and share the most amazing stories that represent the best of the industry. From fantastic initiatives that support those in need, to going above and beyond to help the next generation. From grabbing opportunity out of the claws of adversity, to simply getting through a tough time with your business […]

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Hep2O finance masterclass – Top tips for keeping your finances in check

Do you struggle to get your customers to pay on time? Find sorting out tax a headache? Dread having to deal with admin? Well, look no further. There are lots of handy apps and programmes out there that can make a real difference – from streamlining payments so you get paid straight away, to making […]

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