WernerCo launches new Werner Linking Platform PRO

WernerCo has launched the new Werner Linking Platform PRO, which enables users to expand the available work surface area by up to 400%. The Linking Platform Pro’s unique design enables the linking of up to four platforms to create one extra-large, sturdy and hardwearing work surface that allows painters, decorators and tradesmen to keep working […]

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3 things installers need to know about fibreglass ladders

WernerCo is the world’s largest manufacturer of fibreglass (also known as Glass Reinforced Plastic) ladders. The material is universally recognised for being lightweight, extremely strong, robust and non-conductive to electricity. Here, WernerCo looks at 3 things installers need to know about fibreglass ladders: Fibreglass ladders already account for more than 50% of the US market, and growth in […]

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