women in the industry

How can we achieve a better gender balance in the trade?

Hattie Hasan MBE – Founder of Stopcocks Women Plumbers – looks at what can be done to achieve balance in an overwhelmingly unbalanced industry: There’s no way in any universe that what we have in skilled trades now could be described as “in balance”. The proportion of women is around 6% where we’re well represented, […]

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Why don't women want to work in "manly" industries?

A poll of over 1,000 women has found that working in a ‘macho’ atmosphere is the characteristic most likely to put a woman off a job in traditionally male orientated, “manly” industries. Safety concerns and dealing with patronising colleagues are also among the biggest job turn-offs for women. The work environment is more influential than the […]

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JTL is encouraging more women to start a career in the industry

JTL – the third largest training provider of apprenticeships in England and Wales – has announced the extension of its campaign to encourage more young women to seek a career in building services engineering. Specialising in apprenticeships within plumbing, heating and electrical work the charitable company believes that these industries are missing out on a […]

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There is room for women in the industry – JTL

Leading training provider in England and Wales – JTL – is committing significant investment and effort for the second year to confirm that there is significant room in the electrical and heating and plumbing sectors for women by continuing its Ambassadors Initiative – where bright young women take responsibility for sharing information about apprenticeships for […]

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Triton backs women in the industry

A new recruit at Triton, the Great British Shower Company, is hoping to buck a national trend by encouraging more young female engineers to follow her lead and take up a career in the manufacturing. With women accounting for just 6% of the engineering workforce in the UK, Emily Golding, who has recently taken up […]

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