Watch 🎥: Burning dry wood vs burning wet wood

Woodsure has teamed up with Steve Ellis from Elcombe Fire and Wood to show the difference between using ‘wet’ wood and Ready to Burn logs in wood burning stoves.   Air quality and wood fuel has become a hot topic and stove owners are being asked to think about the impact of burning poor quality […]

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8 steps for wood and solid fuel heating installers to make the most of the heating season

To help wood and solid fuel heating installers make the most of what can be the busiest time of year, Specflue has created an eight-point plan to prepare for winter; to ensure customers are kept safe, appliances are efficient and installers can carry out their job effectively and to a high standard. Get swept: Fire […]

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Britain's trees under threat from bugs and diseases in imported firewood logs

Britain’s trees are under threat from pests and diseases coming into the country via imported firewood logs purchased to heat our homes. One of the most noted threats is the emerald ash borer, a beetle which has already devastated woodlands across America and Europe. In a post-Brexit Britain, Andrew Harvey founder of Woodsure and director […]

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Rayburn's new 370SFW

Rayburn has introduced its second completely new central heating range cooker for 2014 with the launch of the 370SFW. Developed for the growing number of homeowners switching to wood and solid fuel, the new model has a fresh, contemporary design blending distinctive looks, high efficiencies and exceptional performance. The new 370SFW has an impressive boiler […]

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