Xylem reduces greenhouse gas emissions

Xylem Inc. has announced it has succeeded in reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) intensity, exceeding its planned target. Xylem’s 2019 Sustainability Report, “Water for a Healthy World,” revealed the Company had achieved a 28.3% reduction in GHG intensity, against a target of 20% set in 2014. The report also demonstrated over-achievement or material progress on […]

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Xylem raises concerns over Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES)

Xylem has raised concerns about potential discrepancies regarding the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES), which could impact the legislation’s success. MEES aim to improve the energy efficiency of privately rented domestic and non-domestic properties in England and Wales by requesting that such properties reach a minimum Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of E. The legislation, […]

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3,000 people in Cambodia get access to clean water thanks to Xylem’s Waterdrop programme

Xylem recently took 14 customers and employees from the U.K., Germany and France to Cambodia on the inaugural volunteer trip of its Waterdrop initiative – a first-of-its-kind loyalty programme that enables consulting engineers to bring safe, clean water to communities in need by learning about, selecting or specifying Xylem products and services. For every drop, […]

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Should plumbers help educate consumers about what not to flush down the toilet?

Xylem is calling on plumbers to help educate consumers about what not to flush down the toilet amidst growing concern around the effects on our sewerage networks. David Spragg at Xylem explains. For one reason or another, we have become a disposable society and unfortunately that means that many people throw items, usually destined for […]

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Xylem launches ResiBoost – An intelligent variable frequency drive (VFD)

As consumers continue to strive for greater efficiency in the home, Xylem has launched ResiBoost, an intelligent variable frequency drive (VFD) that matches system demand to maximise pump efficiency and minimise general wear and tear.   ResiBoost, part of Xylem’s Lowara brand, is suitable for a wide range of residential applications and is a plug-and-play […]

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