Take a look inside the Mira Decor Dual electric shower

Mira Showers has launched its first-ever dual outlet electric shower, the Mira Decor Dual. Roland Boal, Head of Industrial Design, discusses the level of thought and detail that goes into the design and manufacture of every product that comes out of Mira Showers’ factories.
While smart technology and digital showers continue to be the big driver for growth in the market, the value of electric shower sales should not be underestimated – in 2018, it was worth an estimated £129m, with 1.15m units sold, accounting for a 48% share of the overall UK shower market.
It is also hugely competitive, however, so manufacturers such as Mira Showers are constantly striving to innovate and improve their offer, to cater to the increasingly discerning customers’ demands for ‘more than just a white box’ on their bathroom wall.
Think outside the (white) box
Consumers expect design and performance, at a reasonable price. The Mira Décor range offers that style choice for customers with three distinct finishes, White, Black Onyx and Warm Silver.
This demand for form, aesthetic and functionality was the basis of Mira’s thinking behind the Mira Decor Dual, it’s new dual outlet electric shower.
Designed and manufactured at Mira Showers in Cheltenham, the Mira Decor Dual saw a team of 20 associates come together, working on every element, from consumer research in B&Q stores, to concept generation, prototype testing and field trials to the launch itself.
Installer intel
As with all Mira Showers products, installer input is key. They are the consumer’s specifier, so Mira Showers takes great care to view the fitting stage of any shower as a key consideration in the whole process.
Installers can find themselves in a myriad of bathroom layouts, so it’s important that the shower they’re fitting is able to adapt accordingly. Such feedback and insight from Mira Installer Club members forms part of every new product’s development.
The Mira Decor Dual includes several innovative features designed specifically for the installer. The overhead outlet can pivot 180°, to ensure the water flow is in the centre of the showering space, whatever the configuration, while the innovative diverter can be adjusted to allow the fittings to be installed either side of the unit, to suit any bathroom layout. Thirdly, an optional, longer, 1m hose is available as a free accessory should the installation require it.
Fitting is easy and straightforward, with water and electrical supplies entering the unit from the left-hand side, it is consistent with all other Mira electric shower ranges.
Mira recognises that upselling is a key part of an installer’s income, and market research has shown that a third of consumers underspend on their budget for a new shower, which presents a great opportunity for not only manufacturers, but also for installers to recommend a better quality of shower than their customer is perhaps first considering.