Taking control

With energy-efficient and renewable heating and hot water systems, the need for effective control is even more important than with traditional systems, as this can make the difference between optimum performance and average performance.
There’s much talk about heat pumps and lower flow temperatures but, in fact, lower flow temperatures are beneficial in all heating systems and the industry has changed to reflect this over the last five or six years. Even with a conventional boiler, underfloor heating (UFH) can respond well to the improved standard of building insulation levels in new houses.
Essentially, the boiler should only produce the required amount of heat for the comfort level of the house to remain consistent. The easiest way to achieve this is to use a weather compensating boiler where the control aspect is built in.
This senses any changes in the outside temperature and adjusts the flow temperature accordingly – although it doesn’t alter the need for a blending valve or other control mechanism – as a protection method should the boiler fail to blend the water.
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