Teaching control

The performance of heat pumps depends on a number of factors – not least the homeowner properly understanding how the system functions and is controlled. Mark Derbyshire explains how to ensure that this essential education is done correctly.
Since the introduction of incentives such as the Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme (RHPP), awareness of heat pumps among installers has increased dramatically. With the renewable heat incentive set to come
into force within the next 12 months, heat pump technology will grow even further into a mainstream source of domestic renewable heating.
Heat pumps are a great way of helping to lower fuel bills and reducing a home’s carbon emissions, but they can be inefficient if they are badly installed or used incorrectly by the homeowner.
Installers, therefore, must take time to educate homeowners more about the principles of heat pumps, how they work and how to get the best out of them.
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Teaching control

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