Tesla UK Ltd launches EA5Y Plug 3-5 Way Connector

Tesla UK Ltd has launched the EA5Y Plug, the innovative and compact 3-5 way wiring connector that allows for the quick and easy installation or maintenance of a range of products relating to wiring centres.

Time spent on jobs opening wiring centres in an attempt to trace back to old, broken components can be costly and time consuming. You no longer have to do this, simply cut the old isolated cable, install the new component and wire it in using the EA5Y Plug.

The EA5Y Plug is an essential piece of ‘van stock’ and will make ongoing maintenance easier when faced with inaccessible or awkwardly positioned wiring centres. This clever connector can enable wiring centers and other electrical components to be installed in a more convenient location.

With safety features such as built in cable strain relief, a one piece securing faceplate and strong holding clips, all ensure the EA5Y Plug cannot be separated unintentionally. Manufactured from fire resistant materials the EA5Y Plug is a premium quality CE and UKCA approved product at a competitive price.

The EA5Y Plug comes in fully recyclable packaging and is now available from all good plumbing and electrical merchants and wholesalers.

If you require more information please contact the team on 0121 686 8733 or sales@teslauk.com