The benefits of attending trade shows – What installers need to know

In his exclusive column for Installer, Tim Pollard takes a look at the benefits of attending trade shows for heating, plumbing and renewables professionals:

I have to admit to being really very excited about the InstallerSHOW in Coventry, running from 28-30 September.

I should mention that it is no longer at the Ricoh Arena, it is now at the Coventry Building Society Arena, despite it being exactly the same place.

I have often heard the conversation about the value of trade shows and exhibitions, both positive and negative, so I thought that I would share my opinion with you.

Am I a fan? You bet! And this is why.

Attending InstallerSHOW is free. Click here to register for your free passes.

Firstly, we live in a rapidly changing world where there are technological advances, regulatory changes and new product launches on a regular basis. It’s a brave person who thinks that they can keep up to date with all this stuff and carry out their regular daily workload.

Trade shows provide an excellent opportunity to keep up with developments, to get hands-on experience of products and to hear talks provided by industry experts on all manner of relevant subjects.

The InstallerSHOW has been particularly good at showcasing new products and developments and featuring an area to allow entrepreneurs and inventors to showcase there new innovations. Where else can you see such an array of
suppliers and support services AND have a conversation with their experts to seek out the answers to your questions?

Secondly, you are surrounded by some of the most skilful and experienced craftspeople in the country who have all come to enrich their knowledge. What a fantastic opportunity to exchange ideas and benefit from the hard-earned
knowledge that only practical application can deliver. The last day of the show gives an opportunity for apprentices and trainers to come to the show and get the benefit of a specifically designed programme as well as the rich variety of stands.

In addition, there are always plenty of talks, seminars and events that accompany the show; including an awards event specifically aimed at installers.

Last, but far from least, there is an opportunity to enjoy the company of colleagues that we will probably never meet outside the show environment.

There have been many wise words written about the isolation suffered by many tradespeople and the effect that this can have on mental health. The opportunity to meet like-minded individuals in a relaxed atmosphere has been
enjoyed by so many although some have found the following morning a little difficult.

But don’t take my word for it, come along and see for yourself. I don’t think that you’ll be disappointed.