The benefits of installing Aqualisa’s smart showers


For Aqualisa, its status as a fully modernised, ISO9001 certified British company is a cherished reflection of its commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

The brand, which is recognised for design and innovation in showering, is still based at its original home of Westerham, in the Kent Downs, servicing both the UK and European markets.

Deeply ingrained in the Aqualisa psyche is pride in where the company has come from and the ambition for where it is going.  Both, of course, inextricably linked and nowhere better demonstrated than in the development of Quartz Touch, a pioneering smart product from Aqualisa that takes another giant step towards achieving the perfect showering experience.

Building on its long-established expertise in digital technology, Aqualisa has introduced nothing less than the next generation of showering, making possible a much-needed development stream for bathroom tech and opening an exciting future for users, designers, and particularly, installers.

Aqualisa’s Smart Shower range incorporates everything that has made their Digital Showers so popular, but now enhanced with new features for modern living and busy lifestyles. From family safety to water economy, smart showering reaches the new levels of convenience and personalisation now demanded in the 21st century.

  • WiFi Enabled

Offering truly innovative features for the smart bathroom, our Smart range uses WiFi connectivity rather than relying on erratic Bluetooth connection, unlike other app-controlled showers on the market. This allows users to have complete control to create their own, unique showering experience anywhere.

  • Aqualisa App

The Aqualisa app works intuitively with our showers to offer a great mobile control feature. Whether you are on the way back from a vigorous gym session, or just want to turn on your shower from the comfort of your own bed, the app becomes a pivotal part of the shower experience.  Innovative features such as ‘Home Hub’, which allows the users to monitor time spent in the shower and give an indicative water usage cost, genuinely help save money for the user over time.

  • Voice Activation

Voice activation takes showering fully into the smart home by using Amazon Alexa and Google Nest compatible devices to turn on the shower: ultimate convenience and a cool party trick to show family, friends or visitors.

Head to Aqualisa’s website to find out more.