The benefits of no-touch technology for commercial washroom settings


The hygiene benefits of no-touch are a vital element of any commercial washroom setting.

Adding infrared no-touch taps to your offering brings customers health and savings benefits and brings installers and contractors added-value sales opportunities.

What are the benefits of no-touch?

The obvious benefit of installing infrared no-touch taps into commercial washrooms is that by removing the physical contact element from the tap operation, the likelihood of spreading and receiving pathogens and risk of infection transfer is significantly reduced. This makes them an ideal choice for places where hand hygiene is essential, such as schools, hospitals, vets, and dentists.

No-touch taps also contribute significant savings in both water and energy. Traditional taps can use up to 10-15 litres of water per minute, and there is a chance that they can be left running. To mitigate this wastage of water and energy, no-touch taps only run when hands are in range of the infrared sensor. This can save your customers significant amounts of money too.

The ease of use is also an advantage for less able bathroom users. No-touch taps mean that the elderly and those with reduced mobility can operate the tap without having to grasp and turn it.

Introducing the Vecta+ Sensor tap range

The Vecta+ Sensor tap range is the latest addition to Cistermiser’s product range and the Vecta+ Sensor Spout, Vecta+ Sensor Tap, and Vecta+ Sensor Mixer Tap provide all these benefits and more. Powered by the latest in intelligent electronics and Infrared technology, the new Vecta+ Sensor tap range is perfect for today’s commercial washroom sector and fulfils any demand made on taps by facility managers, specifiers, contractors, installers and end-users. They are also fitted with 3.5lpm flow regulator as standard to support environmental building schemes such as BREEAM.

Fitted with a multi-function shutoff system, the Vecta+ Sensor tap range will automatically stop after 60 seconds of continuous water activation and during a power cut the device will automatically switch off the water which reduces the risk of flooding.

Perfect for replacement retrofit projects

The Vecta+ Sensor tap range is manufactured to the highest standards and designed to be an easy retrofit option when swapping out existing manual taps, so installers can offer customers a fantastic upgrade. The health benefits of installing infrared taps are significant, and the savings made in both water and energy make infrared taps a logical choice for commercial washrooms.

Find out more on the Vecta+ Sensor tap range, and keep up to date with the latest from Cistermiser on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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