The industry really has to pull together during this testing time

In his exclusive column for Installer, Tim Pollard looks at the current challenges that installers are facing, and why InstallerSHOW couldn’t come at a better time:

Now, more than ever before, it is incredibly important for professionals to keep up to date with the rapidly changing market. Changes are being driven by technological advances, changing standards, supply chain issues and environmental challenges.

Of course, trying to sort through this avalanche of information is a huge challenge for those spending all day on the tools. When you add the uncomfortably disruptive effects of economic turmoil such as constant material price rises, rocketing fuel costs and shaken consumer confidence, then you could be forgiven for throwing your hands up in despair.

The InstallerSHOW has come at an incredibly important time and will allow visiting professionals to see, hear and experience many of the options from trusted sources. I believe that the industry really has to pull together during this testing time, we all have an interest in a successful outcome; we all need to support and encourage each other; we need to question long-established practices and relationships to ensure that they remain relevant in both current
and foreseeable timescales.

The show also offers an opportunity for professionals to talk with each other and share experiences and hard-won knowledge. Being self-employed can be a solitary experience and the feeling of camaraderie generated in previous shows has been really uplifting. Sometimes it can feel that you are the only one struggling to understand all the issues, the gratification of seeing many colleagues sharing these feelings can be really reassuring.

In this digital age, some people question the relevance of trade shows when so much information is available online and meetings can take place virtually in the blink of an eye. There is NOTHING like being able to see products firsthand, discuss issues face-to-face, and gain information from people that you know and trust.

Lastly, I think we all deserve a bit of a chance to let off some steam, relax with friends and colleagues, and acknowledge the efforts of others. All this makes attending the InstallerSHOW a really good use of time and I have to say that I really cannot wait to get there.

See you all soon.

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