The rise of professional kitchen taps

As sustainability, water saving and energy saving gain much more focus in kitchen design, Daniel Boulton, Business & Product Development Manager at Clearwater Products, asks how can installers play their part in the green initiative by pushing the benefits of the latest tap technology, from filtered water taps to instant hot taps?

As well as being the heart of our homes, the kitchen is often where the most water and energy are used. From cooking and cleaning to simply boiling the kettle for a cup of tea, living a more sustainable and ‘greener’ lifestyle starts with making some small changes to how we use our kitchens. One such change comes in the form of our humble kitchen tap. Indeed, far from gimmicks or ‘nice to haves’ Kettle taps, filter taps, and other professional taps are now in demand products among consumers.

The level of convenience they offer the end user is one of the reasons for this, although speedy brews and meals cooked in a flash are not the only benefits of such technology though. Energy efficiency, sustainability and green thinking are also hot topics among consumers and installers alike and something that can be implemented with the latest professional tap tech.

Hot water taps for instance, including the Kettle range from Clearwater, offer a more efficient way of making hot drinks than boiling the kettle. Particularly so when you consider how many times a day the average household sets this small kitchen appliance to boil – at least four according to the Energy Savings Trust. We’re all guilty of overfilling the kettle too, therefore using far more energy than is necessary for that all-important first cup of coffee in the morning. Comparatively, the Magus 4’s boiler capacity is 2.4 litres, so it’s capable of providing 60 cups of instant kettle hot water per hour. And by only dispensing the exact amount of water needed, savings can be made on water and energy consumption too.

This green thinking extends beyond energy savings to reducing plastic waste too. In the UK, 7.7 billion plastic water bottles are used each year, with the average person using 150 of them every year, according to Water UK. Their recent survey found that 85% of the public are worried about the impact of plastic pollution, so offering filter water taps to your customers, where even the filter itself can eventually be recycle, is another big tick in the merchants’ trading up box.

While the technology may be advanced, such tap trends needn’t present a headache for installers in terms of installation. While the exact installation process will vary depending on the make and the model chosen, steaming hot water taps and filter taps are straightforward to fit. The boiler itself should fit neatly in the under-sink cupboard – a compact model suchcas those from Clearwater will save room for storage – and it will simply be a case of making the connections to the relevant mains feed.

Operation is simple, safety is paramount and style need not be compromised – in fact, quite the opposite, with the latest models available in PVD finishes and in several designs to ensure they are stand-out features of a kitchen visually as well as functionally. With the technology now filtering down the price levels and becoming much more mainstream, installers can take full advantage of the latest tap technology that rather than a passing fashion, is leading to a shift towards a more sustainable way of life.

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