"There's a Plumr in all of us" – What do we think of this cheeky advert? ????

There’s plenty of cheek in this new advert for a drain unblocker, which pokes fun at the “Plumber’s Crack” stereotype.
The ad for Liquid Plumr has over 32,000 views on YouTube, and features a variety of different people with the top of their arses peeking out, with the tag line “there’s a plumber in all of us”…hilarious.
Tiffany Leung, Associate Brand Director, told Adweek that “by turning a humorous stereotype into a badge of honor, we wanted to portray empowerment and confidence.”
“We know that when there is a crack in a pipe, there is no doubt that you will need to call a plumber, however, when it comes to tackling tough clogs, we wanted to show that anyone can be empowered to be their own plumber with Liquid-Plumr.”
But the video has had mixed reviews on YouTube.
User Kimberley Ashford said she “didn’t like it and found it very offensive, like how does the crack of folks ass [sic] have to do with plumber liquid????”
While La Sonya Suttle claimed “I don’t want to see other people’s behind!”
So what do you think, empowering or insulting? And more importantly, does the product work?