The three faces of Which? Trusted Traders

At the end of last year Which? Trusted Traders ran a competition to find three traders who excelled in customer service. Going the extra mile with commitment and dedication to their customers was the criteria for winning. Here are the three Faces of Which? Trusted Traders for 2015.
South London Heating
Mark Gallagher - owner of South London Heating - Photographer Claudia JankeMark Gallagher from South London Heating won the competition for his commitment to excellent customer service.
Mark’s example involved a job where after he returned home from working on a boiler replacement job, he was informed there was a leak. He returned to the job, and although the leak was to do with a toilet, not the boiler, he managed a temporary fix within two hours (which he did not charge for). He then returned in the morning and fixed the toilet also, only charging for the spare part leaving a very happy and grateful customer!
Mark appreciates winning this competition as it is an acknowledgement of his company’s ethos, and confirmation that delivering high quality work and customer service beyond the customers’ expectations is definitely worth it!
Heppelthwaite The Red Van Plumbers
Darren, plumber at the The Red Van Plumbers -  photographer: Claudia JankeDarren Blunn from Heppelthwaite Red Van Plumbers won the independent panel over by going above and beyond what is expected in terms of customer service.
His excellent job involved a call out to an elderly gentleman who had no heating. However when out to repair the boiler, it transpired that the part which was broken was not available from any local merchants. As the team did not want to leave the elderly gentleman with no heating overnight, two of them went home to collect an electric heater. Of course, no charge for using the electrical heaters and Phil only took them away once the boiler was fixed. This event has since ensured all engineers have access to electric heaters!
As a family business established in 1948, Phil was excited to win as it highlights how the company continues to improve their services and the standards within their industry.
Chris Teale, owner HITGAS - phorographer: Claudia JankeChris Teale from HITGAS demonstrated their customer service is representative not only in the abbreviation of the company name (Honesty, Integrity and Trust for ‘H’, ‘I’ and ‘T’) but in the their day to day activity.
When he got a call from a client saying that her husband bled the radiator at 2am, and hot water was streaming from the radiator he ran out of his house to help. Upon discovering a flat tyre, he ran a mile down the road to get to the house, where the job was fortunately relatively easy to fix as a radiator vent pin had come out so he replaced it. The look of relief on the customers face made it worthwhile, so the service was free of charge. A reminder of exactly why his phone is by him even when he sleeps.
All Which? Trusted traders are rigorously assessed before they can become endorsed and use the Which? Trusted Traders icon. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming endorsed, check out the Trusted Traders website.