Tim Pollard looks at the changes in regulation and policies that have been keeping the Government busy

Tim Pollard, Head of Sustainability at Plumb Center, offers a brief overview of what has been keeping the Government busy for the past few months.
In typical Government fashion, changes in regulations and policies are stalled because of all manner of issues and then they appear in a torrent – often on the same day.
So, in no particular order, we have recently seen the launch of the Green Growth Strategy, the ‘Boiler Plus’ changes to the Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide, and the remodelled Renewable Heat Incentive. All of these initiatives will affect the heating market, some quicker than others.
The initial RHI changes came into force in September and raised the tariffs for both ASHP (+33%) and Biomass (+52%) devices and, importantly, also changed the degression measures. Further changes to the scheme – including metering and assignment of rights – are to happen in the near future.
The ‘Boiler Plus’ changes will come into force next April. They define minimum boiler efficiency standards, the mandatory use of time and temperature controls, and, for combis, a measure selected from a choice of four including flue gas recovery, load compensation, weather compensation, and smart controls with automation and optimisation functions.
Interestingly, the Green Growth Strategy begins to knot some of these things together, and I would urge installers to give it a read if only the chapter dedicated to ‘Improving our Homes’. The document gives a fascinating view of the way ahead with some quite radical ideas for off gas grid homes, decarbonisation of heat and minimum efficiency levels for homes.
As ever, Wolseley Plumb Center will keep customers up to date with all the changes introduced and those afoot.
I would suggest keeping a firm eye on the renewal of the Gas Safe Register contract and potential developments linked to the Every Home Counts review.

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