On Tinder? Research shows that men with "plumber" in their profile get more matches

A new study has revealed that men working in the trade who add a profession to their Tinder profile can increase chances of getting a match.
Showerstoyou.co.uk created male Tinder profiles, ensuring the name, picture and age remained unchanged, with only the bio changing to each different trade job. Each profile was left online for two days, swiping right to a total of 200 people.
The results are in, and it’s good news for plumbers.
On average, male profiles that did not have a trade job in their bio, received 60 matches over the course of 2 days. However, by adding a trades job into their profile, those matches increased to as many as 111. On average, a male with a trades job received 80.6 matches in 2 days.
The Tinder experiment found that men with a trade job in their bio, increased the number of matches. The job that got the most matches was a builder, with a whopping 111 matches, nearly double the amount the profile received without a trade in the bio (60).  This was shortly followed by plumbers gaining 101 matches.
Shockingly, men with a fireplace installer in their bio got FEWER matches – from 55 (without the job) to 38 (with the job). Similar results were also seen when a tiler was found in the bio.
For more info, please head to: https://www.showerstoyou.co.uk/