Tired of hardwiring smart thermostats? Install Halo Combi without hardwiring!


The demand for smart room thermostats has increased significantly over the past 5 years driven by their ability to save consumers money on their energy bills and tailor their heating around their lifestyles.

As a result, many consumers now want a smart thermostat to be fitted with their new boiler installation or retrofitted into their existing heating systems.

For you as an installer, this generates additional revenue on a job but creates additional challenges when installing 3rd party smart thermostats – namely hardwiring them in.

The hardwiring pains

There are two installation options available here:

  1. Hardwire in yourself
  2. Bring in an electrician to hardwire the thermostat in

Both of these options take time and effort from having to measure up and trim wires, drill in the receiver, clear up the snippings and dust etc. Plus bringing in an electrician will impact the final job profitability, whilst forcing you to rely on another person to finish the job to your standards.

Another issue is many consumers are now working from home and need both the internet and mains power to undertake their job. Turning off the mains power not only disrupts a consumer’s daily work schedule, but if you’re having to rely on another person (electrician) to complete the installation, it leaves you at the mercy of their schedule and any delays they suffer.

Install Halo Combi without hardwiring

There is another option – one that can be installed in 4 minutes from start to finish, requires no hardwiring, no electrician, and minimises disruption to a consumer’s daily life.

Enter Ideal Heating’s Halo range of smart programmable room thermostats designed specifically for Ideal Heating’s boilers. The Halo Combi range comes with a pre-wired smart interface module. To install this, all you need to do is remove the plastic timer plate and simply plug the module into the aperture on the front of Logic and Vogue boilers.

From start to finish the whole process can be done in 4 minutes – isolate the boiler and perform the necessary safety checks, pop out the timer plate, Plug in the smart interface module, Pair with the Halo thermostat and Play. Done.

If you’re an Ideal Heating installer, why not try the Halo Combi range with your next boiler installation to see the time, effort and money savings for yourself.

Triple Points on Halo!

There’s never been a better time to try Halo either! Until 28th February 2022 you will earn triple Connect points on every* Halo programmable room thermostat registered through Connect (installerconnect.com), Ideal Heating’s loyalty programme – that’s £15 cashback on every Halo installation.

Find out more: https://idealheating.com/halo-combi-no-hardwiring

*Excludes the Halo Lite thermostat range. T&Cs apply.