Top 5 tips: Getting insured against tool theft

Tool theft is the scourge of the industry and is putting installers out of business. Stephen Holland, co-founder of anti-tool theft specialists ARMD explains how to take action and protect your livelihood.

There is one tool theft every 23 minutes, which equates to approximately 23,000 a year – and that shocking figure is only those that are reported. When tools are stolen the average daily loss of income is around £350, not including damage to vehicles and reputation.

However, there are some easy and accessible ways to protect yourself and get back up and running as quickly as possible.

1. Record, protect, insure, replace

These four simple words form your best protection against tool theft. Record the tools you own, how much they are worth and any receipts of purchase. This will make it so much easier to claim if a theft occurs. Protect yourself with van security products, such as van vaults. Get insured with the right policy and that will enable you to replace what you have lost.

2. Don’t put it off

Worryingly, approximately half of all tradespeople do not have insurance to cover them if they suffer a tool loss. This is leading to far too many tradespeople being put at risk of losing everything, when there is an alternative. Don’t put it off – look at getting tool insurance in place if you are one of those who hasn’t already.

3. Look for ‘in transit’ cover

Look for dedicated tool insurance that allows 24/7 ‘in transit’ cover. Some tradespeople have been unable to claim after a theft because they were unaware their policy demanded they take tools out of their van at night and that is when the theft occurred. Dedicated tool insurance really helps the trade and makes it easier from an initial quote to having to make a claim.

4. Save time on claims

The hassle and stress of tool theft can be exacerbated by making an insurance claim. The best tool insurance makes claims more straightforward and less stressful. ARMD, for instance, allows you to quickly and simply claim digitally through the App and website if you have recorded them in the tool inventory – which is free to use.

5. Arm yourself!

Developed with the trade, ARMD has all the protection tradespeople need to get you quickly back up and running should the worst happen. You can quickly record, protect, insure and replace your tools via the website or the easy-to-use App. Tool theft does not have to be the end of the line.

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