Top five installer pet peeves and how to solve them

As with any job, working in the trade presents certain niggles that never seem to quite go away. Chris Ingram, Managing Director of Continental Underfloor, rounds up five installer pet peeves, and offers his advice on how to overcome them.
Although no two projects are ever alike, there’s a high chance that the same seemingly avoidable issues will rear their ugly heads across many jobs. These may include:

  1. The products you ordered don’t meet the sizing specification of the job at hand. There’s nothing more frustrating than receiving the materials for a job and finding that there isn’t enough to fulfil the requirements of the application (or that there’s too much and you’re left with surplus stock that can’t be used). To try and move away from this, invest in a high quality tape measure as they offer greater accuracy or, if possible, send electronic versions of the site plans to the supplier so they can ensure the right amount of stock is delivered. Remember that the best suppliers should be able to offer you a fast track quote.
  1. Slim fix provides a simple to fit solution for existing floorsThe weather isn’t compatible with the work that needs completing. The Great British weather (which let’s face it, is rarely great) often battles against builders and doesn’t always make finishing a project easy. Of course some conditions are unavoidable; however, there are products on the market that actually help installers overcome climate-based issues. One is SUPERflex from Continental Underfloor, which unlike other pipes for underfloor heating applications, doesn’t kink, even in cold weather. This allows you to get on with the project and move on to something else quicker, therefore increasing your income.
  1. You have to wait longer than expected for a part. This aspect of the building trade frustrates builders and homeowners alike and often feels like an inevitable part of the job which can’t be avoided, particularly if the products are ordered at the last minute. Always choose a supplier which can provide a quick turnaround, for example, next day delivery on orders placed before 2pm.
  1. The homeowner has unrealistic expectations. Those who aren’t in the know often think a builder’s job is something that can always be done quickly and that precision and skill aren’t all that necessary. Of course, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Take time to sit down with a homeowner and explain the intricacies involved in an application, especially if it’s going to take longer than they planned for.
  1. A cup of tea is hard to come by. Many homeowners know the way to any tradesperson’s heart is via the kettle and will shower an installer with caffeinated beverages or offer free rein as far as tea making facilities are concerned. Sadly, this isn’t always the case. Bring a travel kettle and/or flask with you to every new project in case you’re unlucky enough to be working for someone who is tight with their teabags.

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