Top tools for installers in 2022


David Barnes, Marketing Manager of KNIPEX UK, looks at the hand tools designed to save time, money and hassle for installers.

This year sees the launch of some amazing hand tools for installers. Every year, KNIPEX innovates and launches new tools packed with features designed to save the user time and effort. 2022 is no different and there has been a focus this year on innovations for the plumbing and heating engineer.

You can watch the KNIPEX Update 2022 featuring our latest plumbing innovations here:

The launch features tools such as the KNIPEX DP50 Pipe Cutter for plastic drain pipes (90 23 01), which cuts and chamfers all common domestic plastic drain pipes up to Ø 50 mm in a single operation. Once in place, the spring-loaded blade exerts enough pressure for the cut, with no readjustment necessary. Segments as short as 10mm can be cut and it also cuts high temperature and other plastic pipework with 32, 40 or 50mm width and wall thicknesses of up to 2.4mm. Its exchangeable blade with two cutting edges can be reversed when showing signs of wear.

Launched in 2020, the KNIPEX TubiX® Pipe Cutter is proving immensely popular with installers. Using only one hand it cuts copper, brass and stainless steel quickly and easily. The QuickLock mechanism clamps onto the pipework and high-quality needle bearings enable the cutting wheel and the four guide rollers to operate without virtually any friction while it cuts. The pressure of the cutting wheel against the pipe can be continuously adjusted with the ergonomic adjustment knob. A spare cutting wheel is stored in the blue handle for quick replacement. If necessary, you can have the edge smoothed out using the fold-out deburring tool with surprisingly little effort. The KNIPEX TubiX® Pipe Cutter is suitable for cutting copper, brass and stainless stell pipes with a wall thickness of up to 2mm and diameters from 6mm to 35mm.

In 2022, we have introduced the big brother of the TubiX®, the KNIPEX TubiX® XL. This tool operates in a similar manner to its smaller brother but cuts pipework up to 76mm. It also has the spring-loaded QuickLock mechanism which holds the tool on the pipe once locked in place and high-quality needle-bearings enable the cutting wheel and four guide rollers to cut with ease. It can also cut SWA cable. The XL will prove a hit for any installer undertaking commercial work, saving time on site.

Another clever tool for cutting plastic pipes is the KNIPEX BiX® which cuts pipes without shavings and fits comfortably in the hand. It can cut high-temperature plastic drain pipes and electrical conduits in next to no time. It cuts unreinforced plastic pipes from Ø 20 to 50 mm with a wall thickness of up to 2.4 mm. It also cuts soft plastic pipes and those with foam cores from Ø 20 to 50 mm with a wall thickness of up to 3.5 mm.

XS Tools

Over the last few years, we have led the way in launching extra small versions of tools which not only get into tight spaces, but also provide incredible power. The KNIPEX Cobra ® XS are the smallest water pump pliers in the world with full functional capability measuring just 100 mm long. The tool is ideal in tight spaces for gripping around the workpiece due to its compact design and slim head and can be comfortably used with just one hand.

Small, useful and anything but a toy, it is a fully functional pair of high-tech water pump pliers that comes into its own in tight spaces. The tool can adapt to eleven adjustment positions via fine adjustment directly on the workpiece and grip nuts up to 24 mm in width across flats and other workpieces up to 28 mm – with an overall length of just 100 mm.

Due to its compact size, the Cobra® XS can be easily used with just one hand. Like all products in the Cobra® family, it is self-locking to pipes and nuts: the result is that there is no slipping from the workpiece and all work is considerably less strenuous. Other features include a box joint for stability and durability via a double guide, as well as a pinch guard to protect against crush injuries. For those installers who already own a ‘full size’ Cobra®, this year also sees the launch of protective jaws, in a pack of three which ensures protection when working on delicate workpieces.

The KNIPEX Pliers Wrench is also available as an XS version with a length of just 100 millimetres. With a width across flats of up to 21 millimetres, the small all-rounder has a continuous gripping capacity for all common widths, both metric and imperial.

The high lever transmission joint means that nuts, bolts, screws and sprockets can be securely gripped, held, pressed or bent. Thanks to its compact design and very slim head, the Pliers Wrench XS is also perfect for working in the most confined spaces. The sturdy slip joint offers great stability and long-term resilience, while a pinch stop prevents crush injuries.

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