Toshiba Carrier UK launches embedded Building Management Solution

Toshiba Carrier UK has introduced its Interactive Intelligence II embedded Building Management Solution (BMS) – a powerful web-based solution providing centralised control and monitoring of systems and equipment.

Toshiba Carrier UK Ltd (TCUK) is part of Carrier Global Corporation (NYSE: CARR), global leader in intelligent climate and energy solutions.

The updated embedded solution controls and monitors all aspects of an air conditioning system and is installed in a customer’s premises, enabling systems to be optimised for occupant comfort and energy efficiency. Built on a web-based platform using the controller supports the latest web-browsing technologies, it also allows communication to other standard BMS protocols, ensuring seamless accessibility for both Toshiba and third-party systems, without the need for additional and expensive gateways or dedicated PCs.

“Building Management Systems are traditionally based on dedicated PC-type hardware platforms that operate with specific communications protocols, which can limit their range of application,” said Fraser Hymas, Toshiba Carrier UK’s Controls System Manager. “Toshiba’s new embedded controller uses a web-based platform that is compatible with all standard protocols, enabling it to be used with all types of equipment, regardless of make.

“As well as being highly flexible, the new embedded system is much more cost-effective than a conventional dedicated hardware BMS, which opens the way to widespread use of powerful BMS control and monitoring across all building types and sizes, offering state-of-the-art control and monitoring functions previously only cost-effective for large buildings and users.”

Fully enclosed in a DIN rail mountable enclosure this offers many options for fixing in different locations. The new solution eliminates the need for a dedicated PC and additional gateways, providing a compact and efficient one-box solution as it is fully networkable. The device can be programmed to support up to 128 indoor units, which can be further expanded by utilising additional modules, enabling this cost-effective and versatile BMS to be used on small, medium and large projects.

The new powerful control system offers the ultimate in flexibility by being fully compatible with Modbus, BACnet, Analogue and Digital I/O, and can seamlessly control and monitor Toshiba’s range of air conditioning systems, such as the high performance R32 VRF System (SHRM Advance), as well as other third-party equipment.

Graphic displays are fully customisable, enabling a high level of creativity in the way data is presented, allowing users to tailor the interface to their unique preferences and requirements.

The web-based solution facilitates remote access, enabling users to monitor and control the system via the internet. For more information, visit