Toshiba Carrier UK launches new DAISEIKAI™ 10 air conditioner

Toshiba Carrier UK has launched its new DAISEIKAI™ 10 air conditioner, merging performance and sustainability with sleek aesthetics for superior home comfort. 

Crafted using 43% recycled plastic components, the DAISEIKAI 10 is pioneering in its use of eco-compatible materials, emphasising Toshiba’s constant drive towards home decarbonisation. It is matched by a robust suite of advanced features to enhance air purification and user convenience while minimising energy consumption.

Motion tracking technology ensures efficient cooling by optimising and directing airflow to occupied areas. A sophisticated Plasma Ionizer removes airborne contaminants like dust, pollen and other allergens, and the Ultra-Pure Filter effectively traps up to 94% of the most harmful ultrafine PM 2.5 particles like smoke, viruses and bacteria. The “self-cleaning” coated coil ensures the unit remains clean and efficient, and an ultra-quiet operating mode helps suppress ambient noise.

Designed with supreme comfort in mind, the DAISEIKAI 10 features a Smart Sensing control function app, which is WiFi operated and allows users to choose between indirect or direct air flow. The DAISEIKAI 10 also adopts a new “natural”

design derived from its material concept, “Go back to the Earth.” The authentic wood grille, sourced from PEFC-certified sustainable forests, positions the product with a distinct aesthetic to appeal to the UK air conditioning market. It is also available in a timeless white.

“The DAISEIKAI 10 reflects our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for air purification and climate control for UK customers in one elegant, eco-conscious product,” said David Dunn, Managing Director at Toshiba Carrier UK, Carrier Global Comfort Solutions, Europe. “We’ve ensured easy installation too; all sizes of indoor units are compatible with both Single Split and Multi-Split Condensing Units. Built-in Wi-Fi and energy monitoring enable trackable performance insights for ongoing optimisation.”

Introducing the DAISEIKAI 10 into the UK market reinforces Toshiba Carrier’s role as a leader in sustainable air conditioning solutions in support of the UK’s 2050 net zero target. It is now available through Toshiba Carrier UK, our authorised distributors and approved installers, symbolising progress towards improved environmental practices in the industry. For more information about the DAISEIKAI 10 and Toshiba Carrier UK’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, please visit