Tradespeople can play a vital role in keeping adults and children safe during lockdown

The current lockdown restrictions mean that right now, vulnerable children and adults may be particularly isolated. This means that the family, community and professional networks they usually rely on may be unavailable or hard to access. However, safeguarding is everyone’s business, as the Prime Minister’s Hidden Harms Summit emphasised last week.

The Home Office, in collaboration with a number of other government departments, has produced information and guidance for those who are still operating in communities and may not be trained to recognise the signs of abuse or neglect. The guidance covers signs to spot and what to do if there is a concern.

The guidance can be found on the Home Office Brandworkz portal. The portal contains print and online versions of the guidance for England and another for Wales, available in both English and Welsh. We have also uploaded a poster focusing on child abuse, designed by The Children’s Society, which we would encourage you to display in staff rooms etc.

A BEIS spokesperson told Installer:

“Neighbours, volunteers and professionals – including heating, plumbing and cooling engineers, tradespeople, or anyone who might still be interacting with members of the public – can play a vital role in keeping adults and children safe. Those frontline workers in the heating and plumbing sector, who must often enter homes to carry out their work, may well be in a position to notice and report signs of neglect and abuse, thereby playing an essential role in keeping members of the public safe and secure. If you have any questions, please do get in touch.”

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