Training the workforce of the future


Training, retaining, and believing in the value of young talent has always been a central tenet at JTL.

It’s the reason why JTL is such a staunch advocate for the long-term benefits of the Traineeship scheme, for learners and employers alike. Cathie Foster, Head of Marketing at JTL discusses the value of Traineeships and working with JTL employer, Darke & Taylor.

Discover a JTL Traineeship

Available to unemployed young people between 16 and 18 years of age, the JTL Traineeship scheme offers its participants an invaluable opportunity to gain on-the-job work experience and workplace skills. For many, it operates as a crucial stepping-stone into an eventual apprenticeship within the building services engineering sector.

Often referred to as a ‘pre-apprenticeship programme’, the JTL Traineeship scheme essentially provides trainees with a taster of what it’s like to be a plumber, heating engineer, electrician, or engineering maintenance operative. Over the course of 8-16 weeks, learners are given the chance to gain up to four weeks’ work experience with a local industry provider, in addition to dedicated work preparation training at a nearby JTL centre. By doing so, participants acquire not only the workplace competency skills and confidence needed to perform well in an industry environment, but the basic knowledge required of an electrical or plumbing and heating apprentice.

To ensure that trainees stand out in future apprenticeship applications, training focuses on developing the participants’ interpersonal skills, interview techniques and CV writing skills, in addition to boosting their maths and English proficiency.

Meet our apprentices at Darke & Taylor

Charting every step of their journey towards qualification – from their time on the Traineeship programme to their on-site apprenticeship training at electrical engineering company, Darke & Taylor – our new blog series documents the progress of the three young learners on the JTL apprenticeship scheme. The series aims to provide readers with not only an unrivalled insight into the apprenticeship experience, but with a greater understanding of the scheme’s benefits for both learners and employers.

Speaking in the first instalment of the blog series, JTL apprentices Charlie Stratton, Jay Swales and Maxwell Moss all reflect on how undertaking the Traineeship scheme prepared them for their current apprenticeship programmes. The opportunity to gain industry-specific work preparation training and application support as part of the Traineeship scheme played a key role in them securing a highly sought-after apprenticeship with Darke & Taylor.

At JTL, Traineeships do not simply provide participants with the opportunity to gain an unrivalled insight into the building service engineering sector, but with the skills, knowledge, and passion that’ll stand them in good stead in any industry or workplace.

To read our first instalment of our latest blog series and to hear first-hand from Charlie, Jay and Maxwell, as well as Keiron Richmond, Director at Darke & Taylor, about the Traineeship scheme and their hopes for the apprenticeship programme, visit