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  1. As A Transporter operator I can clealry state that the VW quality has gone down. Common issues with the T5.1 is failing drive shafts around 30K, faulty EGR valves, side door corrision on mine that has had to be fixed twice.
    They have cut the quality out of the T5.1 they have even removed the brake pad wear sensor, all the under sheilding, is gone which was on the T5, wore out rear discs at 36K. The paint is very soft and easily marked by a hedges. Steering wheel texture wears off at 18K. Problems with sticking varable vanes in the turbos, poor electrics under the divers seat affecting central locking. No Enengine temperature gauge. VW hand free kit is not supported with upgrades for new phones. Out of my VW transporters my T5.1 has spent at least 3 days a year in for warranty work beside service. None of my T5’s spent that long in.
    VW is still trying to trade on the quality of the T4.
    The T5 was better but again problems with the dual mass clutch, faulty designed water pumps that commerical customers had to pay to change where car drivers got them free. Side door handle problem damages the paint and starts rust, VW does not honour their corrison warranty. We must not forget the power assist pump which again fail on mass. The T5 had brake pad wear sensor but obviously cutting this out in the Newer T5.1 made VW a big savings.
    Well designed van but VW value engineers have been cutting so you are paying a premium for a cheapened product with not the durability of the older models.
    Pity what was good once now being destroyed.
    VW post customer support is simple,”Funds cleared don’t call us”


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