Two thirds of installers don't know what Part G entails

Leading anti-scald bathroom product manufacturer, Inta, has launched a new e-learning package after it was revealed that a staggering two thirds of plumbers and installers do not know what the Part G building regulations entail.
As a result of a recent survey carried out by the company, Inta has created a bespoke training module that enables plumbers and installers to brush up on their knowledge of the legislation and safety benefits of thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs). Free and interactive, the online resource not only helps to identify the legal requirements, but also the products that would be best suited to a range of bathroom scenarios.
The new e-learning platform joins the family of anti-scald training material that Inta provides to colleges, plumbers and installers, and takes around 30 minutes to complete. There are questions at the beginning and end of the course to test progress and it can be accessed online at any time, providing plumbers with a useful tool to refer back to, should they need it.
Stuart Gizzi, managing director at Inta, said: “When we launched the company 12 years ago we made it our goal to make bathrooms completely scald-free. We have always been vocal about the training that plumbers and installers need to fully understand the legislation in place to make bathrooms safer, however the results of this survey show that more needs to be done.
“Four years on from the introduction of Part G and we still don’t have industry-wide support for the education and enforcement of these regulations, which is quite frankly dangerous. The launch of our latest e-learning package is just one of the ways that we support our installers, but if we’re going to see a shift in attitude and behaviour in the industry we need more people to get behind us.”
To take Inta’s TMV e-learning module, visit To request a college pack or an ‘Everything You Need To Know’ booklet, call 01889 272180 or tweet us @intatec.