Two Wilo apprentices give their views on National Apprenticeship Week

7-13 February marks National Apprenticeship Week, an initiative that aims to highlight the exceptional work being done by employers and apprentices across the country. 

With this year’s theme being ‘build the future’ Wilo UK, a leading manufacturer of water pumps and pump systems is reflecting on how apprenticeships can help individuals to develop the skills and knowledge required for a rewarding career, and how businesses can develop a talented workforce that is equipped with future-ready skills.

Jayven Powell, 17, is currently undertaking a Level 3 Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering with Wilo, based at its UK HQ in Burton, Staffordshire.

Jayven comments: “I decided to choose an apprenticeship for my career path as I believed it would provide me with the skills and knowledge that I would not be able to obtain through going to university. An apprenticeship also gives you the advantage of learning and earning a wage at the same time.

“I chose Wilo as the company has given me the opportunity to gain the experience required to become an engineer working in the field and being able to work with machines first-hand. Another reason is every day is different as there is no telling what job you could be attending each day. In the future I want to become a fully qualified service engineer in the field I am currently working in.

“I wanted to get into this particular industry as it’s very sustainable and there will never be a time where people don’t need water! I think it’s important for young people to get into the industry as there are so many different types of roles and it plays an important part in all of our day to day lives.”

Holly Clapp, 18, has recently completed her apprenticeship at Wilo UK after being with the company for 15 Months. Proving to be a valuable member of the marketing team during her apprenticeship, Holly has now secured herself a permanent role as Digital Marketing Assistant and is keen to progress her career within the marketing department

Holly said: “I decided to do an apprenticeship as it was a much more hands on approach to learning new skills. By carrying out a variety of ‘real-life’ scenarios, it has also helped me to understand the career path I want to go down.

“Wilo has supported me all the way from start to finish with my apprenticeship. The team has set me appropriate projects and given me free reign to explore new ideas. I have enjoyed tackling the tasks and projects that I have been set. I have my own responsibilities which has helped to prepare me for the ‘real world’, and I also enjoy coming together as a team to complete a project.

“I didn’t know much about the industry until I started my apprenticeship, however Wilo has helped me understand the importance of the water and HVAC industry. The fact that most of us use these products on a day-to-day basis yet so many people don’t know the basics of why and how they work is really interesting.

“I think it’s really important for more young people to get into the industry, especially women. We have a lot of valuable skills and knowledge and there is a need for women to support each other in such a male dominated environment.

“In the future I would like to become a Digital Marketing Manager/Director, I would like to help a team to create unique campaigns that support a business to make it successful in the ever-growing virtual space.”

Lee Tebbatt, Managing Director of Wilo UK, comments: “National Apprenticeship Week is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the skills of younger people and bring the whole apprenticeship community together. As a previous apprentice myself, I know first-hand all the positive differences apprenticeships can make to individuals, employers and to the wider economy.

“At Wilo, we are really keen to support apprentices. It provides young people with the valuable experience of working in a real-life environment and helps them to develop skills that will carry them through their entire careers.

“Holly and Jayven have been invaluable assets to our team and a testament to the apprenticeship scheme. I would encourage all business to take on an apprentice, especially in an industry such as ours which is very much dominated by an older workforce, it’s important to create a diverse workforce with future-ready skills.”

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