UFW Ltd signs exclusive wind turbine partnership

UK renewable energy company UFW Ltd has signed an exclusive partnership with Swedish wind turbine specialists ecWind.

UFW Ltd has won the UK and Ireland distribution rights for ecWind’s pioneering new 55kW wind turbine – which is one of the quietest and most energy efficient on the market.
The design of the turbine is unique in its belt-driven, rather than gearbox, technology, starting at 2.5m/second of wind against the standard 3 or 3.5m/second of other 55kW turbines. This makes it a perfect solution to businesses and landowners who want to reduce their energy costs as well as their CO2 output.
Leicester-based UFW Ltd is one of the UK’s fastest growing green energy businesses, involved in the supply, design and specification of a wide range of microgeneration technologies.
Tony Fitzwilliams, UFW Ltd Commercial Director, said: “We are very pleased to have partnered with ecWind as their 55kW plant is a unique and innovative machine.
“The wind energy sector is a fantastic area of potential growth for us in the UK and Ireland. We have conducted a thorough analysis of the wind power market worldwide, and found that ecWind’s product, designed and built in Sweden, is the best. We have full confidence in the Board’s ability to provide the optimal solution for energy production from wind in the UK climate.
“We have also secured a number of different funding options open market for a wider range of customers and we have placed our first order for ecWind.”
Generating electricity which can be used on-site or exported back to the grid (minimum of 4½ pence), the ecWind turbines offer a great investment for farmers, landowners and commercial organisations.
Mr Fitzwilliams said: “Depending on wind speed, the turbines provide returns of between 13% and 17%, with a payback period of between five and seven years. This is an innovative technology with little need for maintenance or upkeep after the initial installation – it is in essence a ‘plug-and-play’ plant. UFW Ltd and ecWind also provide a turnkey installation package which includes full assistance with planning permission for all developments.
“ecWind have partnered with UFW Ltd as they have seen the size and strength of our business in the UK and Ireland, our in-house design and experience as well as our client network as a part of the DCC Energy group.”
The turbines come at 25m or 35m hub height, and have been developed by senior design engineers. Each plant has a control box integrated into the tower and fully automatic control of the angle of the blades and rotor speed, enabling maximum power output at different wind speeds.
Thomas Nordström, CEO of ecWind, said: “Our collaboration and partnership bodes well for the future. We complement each other in a good way. We manufacture modern and high-tech wind turbines, while UFW markets, specifies and partners for installation.”
UFW Ltd was set up in 2006 and acquired by DCC Energy – the largest oil distributor and second largest LPG distributor in the UK – in November 2011.
UFW Ltd works with a variety of leading brands, supplying their most popular and up to date systems such as heat pumps, solar thermal, biomass and rainwater harvesting. As a leading system designer they work closely with customers in the commercial, domestic and agricultural sectors to ensure properties are specified to maximum energy and cost-saving efficiency.
For more information call UFW Ltd on 0116 258 1410 or visit www.ufw.co.uk

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