UK Boiler manufacturers support future legislation mandating “hydrogen-ready” boilers from 2025

UK Boiler manufacturers have agreed in principle that they’ll support any future Government legislation which mandates all new models of domestic boilers to be “hydrogen-ready” from 2025.

The Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC) has written to the Prime Minister confirming  the commitment, which is several years ahead of similar action being proposed within the EU.

Stewart Clements, Director, HHIC said:

“UK boiler manufacturers are clearly leading the way to achieving Net Zero, setting the pace for the rest of Europe to follow. This pledge, from across our membership, will allow the Government to introduce the regulation mandating hydrogen-ready boilers for UK use, safe in the knowledge that UK manufacturers will deliver those appliances into homes.

HHIC has already developed a specification with industry detailing what a ‘hydrogen-ready’ boiler is. In short it means boilers already in homes will need under an hour of adjustment to allow a future switch from natural gas to hydrogen.

“The Government can then confirm in their upcoming heat decarbonisation plan and hydrogen strategy that it has the long-term plan to repurpose current gas networks for hydrogen as a key tool to achieving zero carbon heating for over four-in-five UK homes currently using natural gas.

“Hydrogen-ready boilers are the least disruptive means of decarbonising homes as they offer the opportunity for people to continue to heat, cook and use hot water in the same way they do today, without ripping out pipes, boilers and in some cases floors. Using the existing world-class gas network infrastructure will also be the most cost-effective solution to decarbonisation.

“UK industry is doing its bit, now it is up to the Prime Minister to back us up as we all work together towards our Net Zero target.”

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