UK boiler market declined further in 2012

Boiler sales in 2012 continued to decline, down 2.2% from 2011, which itself was a bad year with sales down 10.1% from 2010, according to the Heating and Hot water Industry Council’s definitive quarterly statistical analysis.
Facing this further deterioration in boiler sales, industry is hoping that the Green Deal Cashback scheme and also the Energy Company Obligation will help stimulate the market in 2013. The Green Deal scheme enables consumers to purchase energy efficient systems for their homes with reduced up-front costs, helping them to use less energy, reduce household bills and carbon emissions. The Energy Company Obligation will help vulnerable households to improve energy efficiencies and reduce energy bills. This will include the repair or replacement of broken or inefficient boilers
The evidence of a further decline in boiler sales strengthens the case for additional government action to help replace old and inefficient boilers.  Boiler replacement is particularly necessary as there are at least 5 million homes in the UK that are still using an inefficient F and G rated boilers.  A new condensing model will not only reduce energy bills but emit less carbon emissions too.
Energy bills and fuel poverty are both issues high on the public agenda
Roger Webb, HHIC Director said:  “The Green Deal is really important in raising energy efficiency awareness with the public. With energy prices and fuel poverty statistics always in the news, it shows how important it is that we take action and prevent our homes from wasting energy.  We hope the scheme will motivate consumers to replace their old heating systems but if it does not, then there are other things government can do to help. HHIC’s own national energy efficiency campaign, ‘Hole in the Roof’ provides clear information for consumers on what improvements benefit them.”

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