UK installers hold key to government's green recovery – says BNP Paribas Personal Finance UK

Installers should embrace their position at the heart of the UK’s green recovery, according to Stephen Huller, director of home improvement finance at BNP Paribas Personal Finance UK.
Huller was speaking following the launch of the Committee on Climate Change’s new progress report, which last week laid out a roadmap for the UK’s green recovery.
And he highlighted how installers could be key in highlighting the kinds of changes their customers can make now in order to have a meaningful impact on our planet.
The committee’s plan includes a move to switch to low carbon heating in new homes from 2025, along with a commitment to ensuring that gas boilers are phased out of all retrofit projects within the next 15 years.
And Huller, whose team partnered with government-endorsed quality mark Trustmark last year, highlighted how installers will play a key role in helping homeowners work towards a more sustainable future:
“The long-term goals that the Committee on Climate Change has set out are admirable and exciting,” he explained. “It is something that we should all get behind to ensure the UK has a much greener future.
“But in the short term, it’s important that we remember some of the fundamental changes we can all make to have a meaningful impact on the world around us.
“We have all got used to cleaner air and healthier cities during the pandemic. We expect to see a certain appetite to maintain this and the home is one of the best places to start.
“Installers can underpin this by reminding homeowners of the choices they have available to them when it comes to reducing the emissions of their home.
“They are a trusted counsel when they go into the family home. They can speak to customers and help them to understand what work they can undertake, and how it might fit with their budget.
“They can also point their customers to places where they can find out more information on the solutions available to them – such as the consumer portal area of the Trustmark website.
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