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  1. Mike Harvey HETAS Training Manager

    Prior to taking post as HETAS Training Manager; having taught apprentices and installers within further education for a number of years it is evident that the vocational approach for 14 – 19 yr olds would benefit the curriculum substantially as an alternative to the academic route.
    It is evident that upon leaving school many learners entering further education have very little or no experience in practical subjects.
    This approach would undoubtedly support in addressing issues surrounding the UK Skills gap so widely recognised within the industry.
    Well done Sir Michael Wilshaw!

  2. It’s easy to call for it, I would like to say insulation materials should be improved and we should educate people not to buy the rubbish that’s been sold. I’m sorry to say this he’s just another political puppet shuffle a few papers processes collect his huge salary that’s about it. Get it done for God sake man!


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