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Tradesmen are working longer hours than ever, willing to sacrifice holidays and weekends in a bid to squeeze more jobs in.


  1. The facts are well presented but there are no conclusions as to what is driving the workforce. Is there a large pool of work chasing too few skilled persons (in which case labour rates should rise), or is the economic situation so dire that tradesmen are forced to work excessive hours to remain solvent?

  2. What? I’ve got no work!

  3. The reason tradesmen work such long hours is because they have not seen a pay rise in the industry for ten years and so must work increased hours to keep up with the bills! This said – the national house builders are crushing prices paid to the trades – yet their managers and directors are getting bonuses in excess of ten grand each – something wrong somewhere!


    I fully agree with Cassie! Time to get real UK – lets stop mugging each other off!


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