UK's first green energy storage system

Solar ENLES Ltd has launched the UK’s first green energy storage system that can be installed with new or existing domestic solar PV systems.
By storing electricity when it is produced during the day and using it at other times, SunBat will enable domestic users to meet up to 75% of their electrical energy needs from solar PV.
“As feed-in tariffs continue to decline and grid energy costs continue to rise, many people are looking for ways to consume more of the energy they generate for themselves,” commented Alison Courtnell, Managing Director (pictured left), Solar ENLES.
“SunBat brings the next generation of solar technology to domestic consumers.
It will enable them to use their energy more wisely. We believe that there is a lot of demand for green energy storage – SunBat has the potential to boost the sales of PV systems in the UK.”
SunBat is available in a range of storage capacities from 9.6kWh to 15.8kWh; users can choose between lithium or lead-gel batteries. It incorporates a high-power (6kW) inverter, which ensures that the unit can cope with high demand when running in battery mode. An intelligent energy management controller comes as standard and lets users control how their stored energy is used by giving priority to different appliances. The controller also manages charging cycles to prolong battery lifetime. SunBat acts as a standby power unit in the event of a power cut.
Technicians can install SunBat as part of a new solar project, or retrofit the storage system to an existing system, usually within a few hours. A three-phase version is also available for commercial installations.
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