Unitherm launches bespoke underfloor heating solutions package

Unitherm Heating Systems has launched its own bespoke underfloor heating solutions package for installers and developers.

Whilst it is in a position to offer the full solution ready for installation it can also provide components for installation if an installer or developer is looking to source individual components of the system for themselves.

A quick look at the Unitherm Underfloor Heating installation guide and technical support literature will enable you to see quickly that this bespoke system has been put together by professionals looking to provide ease of installation, cost effectiveness and the technical support service that may be required, easily available at the end of a phone.

Unitherm could simply have bought in a proprietary system and badged it Unitherm and sold it on to installers, but the team at Unitherm has looked at all the available components and sourced what they consider to be the very best in underfloor heating components, from the dynamic balanced stainless steel manifolds that are unique to Unitherm’s system, to the underfloor heating pipework. It’s a selection of components that make installation the most effective and simple to install that’s available in the UK marketplace.

Unitherm can provide an accurate quotation within 24 hours and a full design within 48 hours of the order being placed. The vast majority of the components are available in stock, with solutions for both the ground floor and upper floors. We can also provide a selection of aluminium radiators if that is the preferred choice for a project.

Unitherm’s Gina Parsons said:

“We bring a level of expertise in system design and equipment provision that comes with over 20 years experience in the industry. Our customer service levels are impressive and we provide a high level of support once the installation is underway, including help with commissioning. Alongside the equipment and the design service, we provide bespoke drawings for each project and offer a number of different floor solutions that cover both new build and renovation projects.”

Unitherm also supplies and designs full renewable heating systems to include heat pumps, to go with UFH and radiators.

To find out more about Unitherm Heating Systems in the UK, its sector-leading underfloor heating solutions, its air to water heat pump solutions and to sign up for training courses head for www.unitherm.co.uk or call 01392 979450.