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  1. Why does this country still sell gas appliances to people who ae not gas safe registered? We would not have any problems with illegal gas work if retailers didnt sell to any old person.

    If you need a replacement number plate you have to produce the registrar document. So why cant e only supply boilers, fires, cooker hoses etc to people with a gas safe registration card?.

    People complain about cowboy plumbers doing shoddy work and putting peoples lives at risk but as an industry one simple legislation would prevent it from ever happening.

  2. i agree with Matthew, we pay hard earned money to be Gas Safe / ACS Registered, but yet the big DIY retailers will sell Boilers to joe public, i’ve even seen a DIY gas fire installation kits in one of those stores, time Gas Safe cracked down on this and made them only sell to Registered Engineers.

  3. Richard beynontracey

    Why can’t Britain be like other countries no card no parts. Or isit just down to greed where the retailers are running the show not the goverment it’s a joke to be a member of gas safe,often and Hetas when you can obtain materials without a card it’s anoying.


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