Up to the test

All electrical installations must be regularly inspected to ensure they are working properly and safely. Graham Wretham looks into what a detailed inspection should take into account and what actions could be required as a result.
The Requirements for Electrical Installations, BS 7671 – recommends that every electrical installation is subjected to periodic inspection and testing. An Electrical Installation Condition Report is used for this purpose.
Not only is it a recommendation in the Wiring Regulations for periodic inspection and testing to be undertaken, but it may be required for a number of other reasons, such as licensing requirements, insurance purposes, type and use of the installation
or just age.
One of the most important features of the report is the discussion between contractor and client with regard to the degree
of inspection and testing required in order to produce a report that reflects, within reason, whether or not the electrical installation is safe for continued service. These discussions need to take place before any inspection and testing work commences.
Details of what has been agreed with regard to the extent of the installation and any limitations of the inspection and testing, including the reasons for any such limitations, should be recorded on the report together with the name of the person
with whom those limitations were agreed.
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