Uponor partners with Raah Foundation to deliver safe water to villages in India

Uponor has partnered with The Raah Foundation to help provide clean water to villages in India.

The Raah Foundation works towards the holistic development of India’s indigenous communities by creating self-sustaining systems and local opportunities. Uponor will be offering its expertise in water and sanitation to assist with the charity’s various projects, beginning with “Project Malhar” which aims to bring sustainable change to the water-scarce communities in Maharashtra, India.

Uponor will contribute to this project by supporting with the construction and repair of check dams, building and repairing wells and borewells, and creating additional water sources to improve the quality of life and health for India’s tribal communities.

Uponor and Raah have already received approval from the Maharashtra authorities and the initial work on the hydrogeological analysis of the land and construction for the very first check dam started in February 2022.

Dr. Karsten Hoppe, President of Building Solutions Europe at Uponor, commented: “We are continuously looking at ways in which we, as a global company, can align our corporate values with the wider challenges that the world faces today. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are a blueprint for addressing these challenges and, we at Uponor, fully support the focus on clean water and proper sanitation for everyone, everywhere. We are therefore delighted that we can support such a special organisation with such important projects.”

 “The Raah Foundation is proud to partner with Uponor as we continue to make safe drinking water accessible to the tribal indigenous villages in western India. Water underpins a huge number of social problems, and support from Uponor will help us break the vicious circle of extreme poverty, desperation and helplessness, as well as facilitate a virtuous circle of change, transformation and growth.” Dr Sarika Kulkarni, Founder of the Raah Foundation, said.