Veto Pro Pac Tech tool bags are built to last

When carrying lots of tools from job to job, the right tool bag can make a huge difference. Scott Davies, UK sales director for JAVAC UK, tells us about the Veto Pro Pac Tech series and why these are THE tool bags to have in your van.
Not all tool bags are created equal. Whilst many will look similar on the surface, look a little closer and the differences start to become more obvious. At JAVAC, we offer the very best brands and Veto is no exception.

Built to last

When choosing the right bag to transport your valuable tools around in, it’s essential to select one that won’t fall apart after a few months’ use. Some bags appear well made but once in use they can quickly succumb to wear and tear, meaning regular, expensive replacements are necessary. In contrast, Veto Tech Pro Pac tool bags are built to last with a no quibble five-year, zero downtime warranty. These robust bags can handle the rigorous punishment of being on site on a daily basis, and still look good.
Veto bags have a heavy-duty construction, stabilizing injection-moulded waterproof base and a weatherproof body that keeps tools dry, even in the nastiest of conditions. They also feature tough, hinged ergonomic handles that are designed to be as comfortable as they are reliable, while heavy duty rivets protect the body of the bag from scuffs and scratches. Durable fastenings and zips add to the bag’s long lifespan, as these are areas that are often the first to break on less well-made bags. Easily accessible pockets allow tools to be readily available, saving time on site.

Clever design

Veto doesn’t subscribe to the “one size fits all” philosophy. These bags are not a consumer product that have been adapted to carry tools – they’re thoughtfully designed from the ground up, by tradespeople for tradespeople. This has resulted in a full range of bags suitable for any job. The designer of the Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac spent weeks with tradespeople in the field, observing them using backpacks, and used the knowledge gained to design the ultimate bag that could cope with the multiple challenges faced by tradespeople at work.
The Tech Pac is designed specifically for tradespeople who need to climb ladders or walk long distances on a daily basis. The backpack features an innovative quick release handle that allows easy access to the larger tool bag compartment, and reduces the strain on the shoulder straps. The Tech Pac is uniquely designed not to tip over when either open or closed, unlike most backpack bags.
Products in the Veto range all feature multiple pockets, including large tool pockets, small punch and bit pockets, and small neoprene pockets, as well as specially designed pouches for meters and quick access outside pockets. For example, the TECH-XL tool bag sports 80 pockets to accommodate everything installers need, including ample pocket room for hand tools, parts boxes, meters, a cordless impact drill and other bulkier items, as well as nine small neoprene pockets for drill bits and bit extensions. This allows tools to be accessed easily and conveniently, and means tradespeople can carry all the tools they may need.
Comfort is a crucial consideration too when carrying multiple tools. Bags such as the Tech Pac feature a thermo-formed EVA padded back panel, which helps cushion the load and provide structural stability, and a padded load displacing shoulder strap system with multiple adjustment strap points and an ergonomic TPV rubber grip.
There are special features and options for customisation with some of the range too. The Tech Pac comes with a Hi-Vis option, ideal when working in lower visibility conditions. And the Tech Pac Black has front and back removable tool and meter pocket panels, which are also interchangeable. A laptop panel can also be purchased and added to the front or back, turning the bag into a tool bag/laptop bag.
With so many options available, there is a Veto Pro Pac Tech Series tool bag for everyone and they promise to be the toughest tool bags you’ll ever own.

HVAC Engineer, Dan (@hvac_essex) says:

“The Veto bags are great, as they’re very well built and thought out by people who have worked in the trade. Plus, they’ve tried and tested them before being put out in the field.
“I love the vertical storage so I can always tell if a tool is missing. It’s a great, well thought out range, with different bags designed for different tasks. For example, the original Tech Pac is my main tool bag while the OT is my service tote and the TP is my breakdown bag.
“What sets them apart is the build quality and the warranty, I purchased my first bag 2-3 years ago and it’s in good shape with no defects – miles above the rest!”

Will, @hvac_uk, says:

“The Veto Bags are really high-quality durable bags and last a very long time. Before owning a Veto, I’d tend to go through a new tool bag every year due to them breaking. The vertical storage and hard base of the Veto bags allow you to organise your tools in a way I hadn’t seen before. It completely changed the way I worked and made my working days a lot easier.
“As a service engineer, I need to use multiple tools but can’t have them spread out over the floor so the vertical storage and easy access is perfect. The bags also open on both sides with tool storage on each side, which is something I hadn’t seen before the Veto bags.
“There’s now a massive selection of bags available tailored to every need. I now have seven Veto bags which I use for different scenarios, call out, repairs, maintenance etc.”
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