Warmup DCM-PRO system offers a fast solution for the installation of electric underfloor heating

Warmup has launched the DCM-PRO floor heating system, proved to offer a fast solution for the installation of electric underfloor heating.
The innovative new system from Warmup allows for quick and easy installation with the heated decoupling system.  The system consists of a self-adhesive castellated membrane and a heating cable. DCM-PRO is a suitable underfloor heating system for most floor finishes.
The DCM-PRO mat has a self-adhesive backing that has two significant purposes. The feature acts as a self-healing decoupling layer, eliminating the need for additional fixings and laborious installation methods, consequently reducing both installation time and cost. Traditional fabric-based decoupling layers tend to tear upon movement, whereas the patent pending self-healing decoupling layer will contract and expand to deal with seasonal changes in the sub floor.  Movements in the subfloor are known to damage the floor finish and create gaps and cracks. However, DCM-PRO is proven to protect tiled floors from cracking and is rated as High Performance (ANSI 118.12:5.4), providing durable, long-term protection for the floor finish.
The other significant feature the self-adhesive layer of the DCM-PRO has is that it installs in minutes. The membrane can be attached directly to the subfloor, meaning that there is no need to mix additional tile adhesive in order to affix the mat to the subfloor.
Self-levelling compound can be poured directly onto the system. The self-leveller will effortlessly flow through the channels of the mat allowing the heater to heat the floor finish whether it be tiles, laminate, engineered wood, vinyl, and carpet.
The pre-spaced channels on the mat make it quick and easy to evenly space and lay the heating cable. The pre-spacing makes placing the cable between the channels effortless and saves you from measuring and calculating the correct spacing to output ratio for projects. Spacing will always be accurate throughout the installation, ensuring a consistent output of 150W/m2. The DCM-PRO Cable is durable, and highly-flexible, providing maximum reliability during installation.
Once the system is installed it is effortless to cover it with a chosen floor finish. The unique design of the decoupling mat ensures that the cable stays safe in the channels from any mechanical damage that could occur the system during the installation. Examples of common mechanical damages would be stepping on the system with heavy boots, or catching the cable with the trowel when tiling.
Warmup offers the DCM-PRO Cable with a Lifetime Warranty and SafetyNet™ Installation Guarantee when installed with the DCM-PRO Mat.  For more information about the DCM – PRO heated decoupling system, visit http://www.warmup.co.uk/products/electric-underfloor-heating/dcm-pro-system/.