See the benefits of the Honeywell Single Zone thermostat

Honeywell has launched two animated videos for installers and homeowners to showcase the benefits of the Honeywell Single Zone thermostat.
The Honeywell Single Zone is perfect for homeowners looking for an entry-level heating control that they can monitor remotely via the Total Connect Comfort app, helping to deliver savings on energy bills.
Hosted on the Honeywell website and via the Honeywell UK YouTube channel, these animated shorts are an extension of Honeywell’s commitment to educate both installers and homeowners on the benefits of connected heating controls.
The animated installer video covers key information about the Single Zone thermostat in short, bite-sized chunks, highlighting unique features that will help the installer and also electricians to upsell this simple-to-use thermostat.
The homeowner video offers installers a useful tool for showcasing the benefits to their customers. With information on the ease-of use and cost-saving benefits of the product, the animated short can help demonstrate that a connected thermostat is the right choice for them and their home.
Andy Mansfield, marketing communications manager at Honeywell comments: “It’s an exciting time in the heating industry right now, and customers need to know that there are smart thermostats available from the experienced manufacturers in the market. With these animations, we wanted to help our loyal installers upsell products but also help them to interact with their customers, pushing out that ‘fit and forget’ attitude.
“The animation videos are a great way to learn the features and benefits of the Single Zone thermostat, especially for new customers who are toying with the idea of a connected thermostat but not sure which one to go for.
“We’re seeing an increasing number of electricians collaborate with installers on contracts and these videos are a step in the right direction raising awareness amongst both professions on the benefits of entry level smart heating controls.”
The Single Zone is part of a range of internet-enabled heating controls from Honeywell, designed to give installers greater choice when responding to the needs of their customers. This range also includes the evohome multi-zone heating control, which can also be controlled remotely via a smartphone or tablet.
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