Watch: Talking water-saving and Net Zero with the BMA and Tim Pollard

As part of Installer’s #NetZeroFESTIVAL, we’re hosting a discussion about water saving, sustainabilty and the impact it has on the government’s Net Zero strategy.
The average water used per person per day is 143 litres in England, and our bathrooms are where we consume the most, as 30% of total water used in a home is used to flush the toilet.
Water and energy are closely linked, as a lot of rescources go into treating our water to make it safe and clean. Emissions from the water industry account for nearly 1% of the UK’s total carbon emissions, so if we reduce our usage, we will save energy.
Join us on Friday 17th July at 11am as sustainability expert Tim Pollard will be joined by Tom Reynolds, the Chief Executive of the BMA, to discuss how heating and plumbing engineers can help their customers improve their sustainability.